Chasing the American Dream: A Guide for Immigrants to the United States of America

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This course is designed to help English Learners understand the concept of the American Dream and how to navigate their journey as immigrants in the United States. The course covers the history, challenges, opportunities, and strategies for success in America. It aims to develop learners’ English language skills while providing valuable insights about the American society, culture, and legal system.

Course objectives

  • Understand the concept of the American Dream
  • Learn about the history of immigration in the United States
  • Understand the challenges faced by immigrants
  • Explore the opportunities available for immigrants in the United States
  • Develop strategies for success as an immigrant
  • Learn about American society and culture
  • Understand the American legal system
  • Improve English language skills
  • Develop communication skills for everyday life in America
  • Learn about the American education system
  • Understand the American job market
  • Learn about the process of naturalization
  • Develop a basic understanding of American politics
  • Learn about the rights and responsibilities of residents and citizens
  • Understand the importance of community involvement in America

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