How to Learn English in the USA: A Guide for Immigrants

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This course is designed to help immigrants to the USA enhance their English language skills. It covers speaking, reading, and writing English, with a focus on common situations in the USA. The course also provides insights into American culture and society, to help learners use English more effectively in their daily lives. It is self-paced and interactive, making the learning experience enjoyable and rewarding.

Course objectives

  • Understand basic English grammar
  • Improve English vocabulary
  • Improve pronunciation and accent
  • Understand American idioms and slang
  • Develop English reading skills
  • Develop English writing skills
  • Improve English listening comprehension
  • Learn to engage in English conversations
  • Understand the cultural context of English language in the USA
  • Learn to write emails and other correspondences in English
  • Learn to fill out forms and applications in English
  • Learn to navigate everyday situations (e.g., shopping, banking) in English
  • Learn to use English in the workplace
  • Develop confidence in using English in social settings
  • Understand the nuances of American English

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