How to Feel at Home in the USA: A Guide for Immigrants to the United States of America

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This course is designed to aid immigrants in understanding American culture, society, and norms. It will equip learners with essential knowledge about American history, cultural differences, language nuances, legal rights, and resources to help them integrate into the American way of life. It aims to reduce culture shock and make the transition smoother for new immigrants.

Course objectives

  • Understand the basics of American history
  • Learn about the American political system
  • Understand cultural norms and values
  • Learn the nuances of American English
  • Understand the American education system
  • Know your legal rights as an immigrant
  • Understand the American healthcare system
  • Learn how to find employment
  • Know how to navigate public transportation
  • Understand American holidays and traditions
  • Learn how to rent or buy a home
  • Understand the American tax system
  • Learn about American food and dining etiquette
  • Understand the importance of community involvement
  • Learn about resources available to immigrants

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