Financial Literacy and Planning for the Future: A Guide for Immigrants to the United States of America

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This comprehensive course, presented by an experienced immigrant and course creator, is designed to equip immigrants with essential financial literacy skills. The focus is on understanding and managing income and expenses, with a strong emphasis on budgeting and saving. The course provides a deep dive into the American financial system, planning for future goals, and making informed decisions for a secure financial future. The language used is simple and easy to understand, perfect for English learners.

Course objectives

  • Understand the basics of financial planning
  • Set realistic financial goals
  • Understand the US financial system
  • Learn how to create a budget
  • Understand the importance of saving
  • Learn about investment options
  • Understand credit and loans
  • Learn about taxes in the US
  • Plan for retirement
  • Learn about insurance options
  • Understand the importance of financial discipline
  • Learn about financial risks and emergencies
  • Understand the role of financial institutions
  • Learn about financial laws and regulations
  • Understand the importance of financial independence
  • Create an Education Savings Plan

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